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We believe that life is too BIG to make small talk.

What about you?

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Skip the small talk & start having meaningful conversations

Are you tired of meeting someone new and being asked, “So what do you do?”

Do you want to skip the small talk and have a meaningful conversation, challenge your thinking, see the world in a whole new way, and make a real connection with someone that has nothing to do with a screen?

If you’re nodding, then you’re in the right place.

We believe that life is too BIG to always make small talk (although small talk has its place). Come along to one of our facilitated BIG Qs events and be prepared for an extraordinary experience…

Asking the BIG Qs leads to extraordinary experiences

We offer a mix of live events and training to give you a safe space to have BIG conversations.

BIG Qs 1-to-1 / BIG Talk / Conversations / Innsbruck / Tirol

BIG Qs Classic

The original BIG Qs  event. In 90 minutes, you’ll have 9 meaningful conversations, and get 9 perspectives on a BIG talk topic, including your own.

BIG Qs menu / BIG Talk / Conversations / Innsbruck / Tirol

BIG Qs Menu

We’ll put together a delicious “menu” of BIG Qs for you to enjoy in small groups or 1-to-1. The menu – or theme – includes light-hearted starter questions, deep and controversial questions for main courses, tasty desert questions, and more.

BIG Qs meal / BIG Talk / Conversations / Innsbruck / Tirol

BIG Qs “Cuisine”

Good conversation and good food go to together beautifully. A maximum of 12 people, three delicious courses at a great local restaurant, and 9 BIG Qs guarantee an interesting evening out. Sometimes we do shorter lunch-time events, too.

BIG Qs singles / BIG Talk / Conversations / Innsbruck / Tirol

BIG Qs Singles

How can you know if you connect with someone if you don’t talk about BIG topics?

Come to one of our singles events and have interesting conversations with people who are looking for more than just friendship.

How it works

Our BIG Qs events are fun, easy-going, and structured. They’re designed to help you dive into the heart of being human and invite strangers to reveal the stuff full of experiences, feelings, beliefs, values and desires. Because that’s where you’ll find the magic!

Here’s how they work:

Register online to reserve your place

Show up at an interesting venue

Receive a warm welcome from the event facilitator

Grab a drink

Use The BIG Qs to kick-start interesting conversations in a structured event format

Meet new people, hear new stories, and perhaps even make new friends!